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Did you know that 60% of people don't have a Will?

Dying without a Will creates headaches for your loved ones and will mean that your estate won't necessarily be administered in the way that you had hoped. Without a will, the state will step in, resulting in long waits and frustration for your loved ones. It may also mean greater financial loss due to taxes and fees that could have been avoided had you set up your Will ahead of time.

Even if you already have a Will, I recommend you check to see if it requires updating. Circumstances are always changing: Divorce, re-marriage, change of career, new children and grandchildren are just some of the changes that can require you to update your Will. Check yours today and update if necessary to respond to recent changes in your circumstances.

Two things you will need to decide up front: 1) will you create a Will yourself or hire a lawyer or solicitor? and 2) who will you choose to be the Executor of your Will?

Personally, I recommend using a lawyer. Of course, if your property and financial circumstances are simple, you might want to download or purchase a Will kit and do it yourself. However, money paid to a lawyer can be money well-spent. Lawyer and estate planners have inside knowledge of the tax and benefits systems; their knowledge can be invaluable in the long run.

11 things I can help you with:

  1. What to know before creating your Will;

  2. Assembling the necessary documents;

  3. Assembling your financial information;

  4. How to choose an Executor;

  5. Creating a "to-do" checklist for your Executor;

  6. Understanding Executor fees;

  7. Creating your list of beneficiaries;

  8. What to ask your lawyer;

  9. Creating an inventory of assets, including digital assets;

  10. What third parties need to be contacted after you die;

  11. Accompany you through the Will creation process from beginning to end.

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