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Imagine you've landed in a hospital or a hospice and are unable to speak or communicate your wishes. Who would speak on your behalf?

A Power-of-Attorney is a legal document that authorizes someone (often known as a Substitute Decision Maker) you've chosen with the power to speak on your behalf when you can't. They would act regarding your medical treatment and care as well as your finances and property seeing that your wishes are carried out. This authority is often assigned to two different people but it may be the same person.

When assigning a Power-of-Attorney, it's important to consider the person responsible and have a conversation with them beforehand to ensure that they understand your values and wishes around the kind of medical treatment and care you want (or don't want) and that they are confident about speaking up on your behalf. They will be your advocate. Whether you choose the same person or someone different, you want to make sure that they are comfortable and knowledgeable about administering your finances and property.

In some places (like Ontario), a Power-of-Attorney for Health Care is sometimes referred to as a Substitute Decision Maker (SDM).

A lawyer can advise and set up a Power-of-Attorney document. In many places, you can download a POA template yourself and fill it in but you must ensure that it is signed by witnesses according to the law in your region. In the UK, a POA is also officially registered with the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG).

Power-of-Attorney Kit (Ontario, Canada)

Office of the Public Guardian (Scotland) POA forms and info

Lasting Power-of-Attorney forms (England)

Power of Attorney forms by state (United States)

If you are interested in learning more about the Power-of-Attorney and receiving support in choosing the right person and completing your document, contact me for a no-obligation consultation.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer or legal professional. I offer the above information and links in good faith. Always check that the forms and information you choose are relevant to your situation and the laws in your region. Consult legal counsel before signing any document.

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