My Legacy

If you had died yesterday, how would you want to be remembered? What would be your Legacy?

For many, being remembered is an important part of end-of-life planning. In fact, I've heard many say that being forgotten is more of a fear than the fear of dying. Funerals usually include a eulogy to honour the deceased by reminiscing on his or her life. Obituaries also document one's life story and while some are written by someone close to the deceased, many are now writing their own obituaries and eulogies.

Of course, we all hope we will live on in the memories and hearts of our loved ones. Our legacy is a tangible expression of who we were in life. A legacy can take many forms: a letter, a memoir, photo collection, scrapbook of memories, a video or audio recording, works of art, and many other forms of creative expression.

If writing your own obituary or eulogy or leaving a creative and memorable legacy to someone interests you, contact me for a no-obligation consultation.

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