End of Life Care

Planning for now, the future, and the hereafter

"Helping you get your ducks in a row."

Finances, Legacies, Digital Assets, Health Care, and Funeral Plans

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Did you know that most Canadians don't have a signed will or any personal directives.

Most Canadians haven't considered who would speak on their behalf should they become incapacitated.

Most Canadians haven't made arrangements to pay for their funeral.

Are you ready to get your ducks in a row?

If you're reading this, you want to "get your ducks in a row". In other words, you want to be organized and prepared now for the future. Why? Because it will save you and your family needless worry and expense after you're gone. So what's stopping you? Perhaps you feel overwhelmed or are not sure where to start. Worry no more. I'll guide you through the process using the tried and tested Before I Go Method®.

Hello, my name is Michael Williams. I'm a licenced Before I Go Method® End-of-Life Planning Facilitator & Trainer. I'm here to help people get their affairs in order so they can live fully knowing those they care about are cared for when the time comes. Think of your End-of-Life Care Plan as an insurance policy without the recurring monthly costs.

Benefits of End of Life Care Planning

Michael Williams, Ph.D., Accredited Before I Go Solutions® End-of-Life Planning Facilitator

Plan for the future now to help you live the life you want tomorrow.


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Get those ducks in a row by creating your own end-of-life plan!


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Have you thought about becoming an End-of-Life Planning Facilitator? Perfect for doulas, hospice volunteers, funeral service workers, insurance and estate agents, lawyers, celebrants, and others in the end of life services.


Are you interested in making a change in your life? Are you compassionate? sensitive to the needs of others and wanting to make a difference in people's lives? If that describes you, consider becoming an End-of-Life Planning Facilitator?

Download your own "End of Life Plan Checklist". This 7-page PDF booklet contains a handy checklist for 1) end-of-life planning; 2) essential documents; 3) funeral planning; 4) advance directive; 5) digital assets; and 6) life legacy creation. Open it here. When you click the link, the PDF will open for you to view, download, and save.

"Thank you so much for your generous giving of your time, experience and advice yesterday.  It was really helpful to have that conversation with a very empathetic advisor.   Many thanks also for the documents about POAs and Living Wills -- really appreciate the details to think about and include in my advance directive about end-of-life care." Bruce Chan, Toronto

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Michael Williams, Ph.D.

T. +1 (289) 933-1920

E. michael@myendoflifeplan.ca

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