Death-Defying Discussions Podcast

with Diane DeVivo and Michael Williams

In April 2021, my colleague Diane DeVivo and I began our podcast, "Death-Defying Discussions". Our intention was to break down the taboo on talking about death, dying, grief, and end-of-life matters. Each month we bring a new topic to the table, often inviting a guest to join us. You can download and listen to our podcast wherever you get your favourite podcasts. Available here.


  1. Welcome to "Death-Defying Discussions" Starting in April 2021, End-of-Life Planning Facilitators Diane DeVivo and Michael Williams break one of the last taboos: talking about Death.

  1. Death Cleaning or What to do about your stuff after (or before) you die Diane DeVivo and Michael Williams talk about "death cleaning" or "what do to about your stuff after (or before) you die".

  1. "Good Grief": what is grief and how to deal with it? During the past year and a half, millions of people around the world are experiencing grief at losing loved ones to COVID-19 and its variants.

  1. What is a Death Doula? In this episode, Diane and Michael invite 'death doula' Sue Phillips ( into the conversation on death, dying, grief, and end-of-life matters.

  1. Choosing an Executor for your Will: A will is perhaps one of your most important documents when it comes to end-of-life planning.

  2. In Conversation with Funeral Director, Jane Diamond: In this episode, Diane and I talk with Jane Diamond, a funeral director from Stroud England about her unique and personal funeral services.

  3. Let's Talk About Advance Care Planning with Health Care Consultant and Ethicist, Sandra Andreychuk: In this episode, host Michael Williams is in conversation with Advance Care Planning Consultant and Health Ethicist Sandra Andreychuk. With more than 30 years of experience in nursing and the palliative and end-of-life care fields, Sandra speaks openly about her work and the importance of Advance Care Planning. Learn more about Sandra's work at

Further information on wills and choosing an executor:


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