Michael Williams, Ph.D.

Licensed End-of-Life Planning Facilitator, Storyteller & Educator

COMING SOON!! I'll be offering the Before I Go Method® End-of-Life Plan with Coaching program for Groups as well as for Individuals and Couples. If you are interested, contact me at info@myendoflifeplan.ca.

Registration details will soon be available.

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Before I Go Method® Online Group with Coaching

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Hello, my name is Michael Williams. I'm a licenced Before I Go Method® End-of-Life Planning Facilitator. I'm here to help people get their affairs in order so they can live fully knowing their loved ones are cared for when the time comes.

Benefits of End-of-Life Planning

  • personal support from a knowledgeable and experienced facilitator

  • accountability ensures that you finish what you set out to do

  • a positive feeling knowing your wishes have been expressed and documented

  • satisfaction knowing your loved ones won't be left in the dark knowing what you want

  • save time and money

  • loved ones can get on with grieving rather than having to deal with unresolved financial and other practical matters

  • a handy workbook to record your important information and wishes

  • a tried and tested Before I Go Method® program that guides you through the end-of-life planning process

Michael Williams, Ph.D., Accredited Before I Go Solutions® End-of-Life Planning Facilitator

Plan for the future today to help you live the life you want tomorrow.

Contact Details

Michael Williams, Ph.D.

T. +1 (289) 933-1920

E. info@myendoflifeplan.ca

If you're interested in becoming an end-of-life planning facilitator go to beforeigosolutions.com. Our next training course begins on Sept 13th, 2021.

Join Diane DeVivo and Michael Williams for their "Death-Defying Discussions" podcast. Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and other popular podcasts platforms.

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